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We did not manage to get our whole linedance website translated yet but here is an english summary of our latest DVD/CD release.


Fairplay’s Linedance Basics covers all the fundamentals and is especially suitable for beginners. It includes a 130min video DVD, a 24-page booklet containing all required dance sheets and an audio CD with every song you’ll need to complete this perfect learning tool. We invite you to have a look yourself by viewing our Youtube trailer.

Three line dance experts, each with years of teaching experience and successful careers in dance competitions, will be your teachers.  Among them is 4-time linedance world champion Enrico Adler. Furthermore, so that you get the feeling of being part of a linedance party, all dances are also performed by a linedance group and you can join right in at the end of each dance instruction.

Fairplay’s Linedance Basics presents you with 12 dances: 8 linedances (Bebob, Canadian Stomp, Cajun Slap, Black Coffee, Ski Bumps, Tush Push, Bread & Butter, Iris Stew) and 4 couple dances (Cotton Eyed Joe, Sassy Shanay, Rita’s Waltz, Tequila Sunrise), as well as an additional chapter dedicated to the basic steps and foot positions.

This DVD comes with a very helpful interactive feature: Each and every section of a dance can be easily repeated or skipped whenever you like.  This allows you to set your own personal learning pace. To demonstrate how this feature works we have put together a special videoclip "How to use our DVD" .

Each dance is accompanied by its own dance sheet.  Dance sheets make learning so much easier!!  The dance sheets are provided in a standard pdf booklet that can be printed using any PC / Mac equipped with a DVD-Rom drive and a printer.

Last but not least the accompanying CD not only holds the 12 songs needed for the dance demonstrations but also a slowed down version of each song to make getting started even easier.

“Fairplay´s Linedance Basics“ (DVD+CD) is available at amazon.co.uk for £21.99 and the following link will take you right there:

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